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My name is Carri Mullins, and I am a portrait photographer, specializing in newborns through first year. I like long walks on the beach, and........sorry, wrong profile. Lol.

I am a mother to three amazing children, and a loving wife to my wonderful husband. On any given day off, you could easily find me listening to an audiobook while I clean the house, (audibooks ROCK!!!), or curled up on the couch knitting and watching "Cosmos". (The universe is an amazingly intriguing place!). My husband, kids, and I are all roller coaster freaks, and love sunshine, so summer days at Cedar Point are where we make some great memories every year.

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1. I rarely wear tennis shoes or t-shirts. I'm a dress up kind of girl.

2. I'm a short-haired girl with long hair envy.  Sadly, short hair suits me better.  I look terrible with long hair, but I DO miss ponytails!

3. My husband is my first and only real relationship, ever, and I could not be happier to have gotten it right the first time.

4. I might be part pirate.  We have a pet Cockatiel, named Kevin, who insists on always being on my shoulder.

5. My kids and I could waste hours watching funny pet videos on youtube.

6. I love opera music, and have been caught, a few times, belting out a bit of "O Fortuna" in my car at a stoplight. Though, I don't know the real words, so I just sing the "misheard lyrics" from this video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIwrgAnx6Q8) Watch it! It's HILARIOUS! :D

7. I am a self proclaimed nerd, although I totally failed the "How Nerdy Are You" test on buzzfeed. Apparently I don't live up to true nerd standards. ;P

8. I am terribly un-athletic. My only talents rely solely on creativity. I lack any kind of athleticism. I can barely catch a football. (It hurts my girly hands).

9. I love young adult fiction books. No matter my age, there is just something about young love that gets me every time. That nervous first glance, the light brush of fingertips in passing, the undying need to be together forever. I'm a total sucker for first loves, and it's no wonder. (See #3). :)

10. Most importantly......I predicted my own future.  In an old home video from when I was around 10 years old, I proclaimed "I'm going to be a photographer!!!"  I don't remember that ever being an ambition of mine at that age, but apparently I knew what I wanted before I knew what I wanted.  Little did I know that I would get to live my life building a business and making a career out of doing something that I absolutely LOVE.

Photography is my passion. I am always learning and growing with each session, and strive to produce beautiful images that will become lifelong keepsakes. You can be sure that my whole heart goes into every photograph I create. I really enjoy what I do, and I treat each session as a new, fun experience. There are so many things you don't want to miss or forget in life. Having photos of those special moments will help ensure that you won't easily forget them, and it also gives you the freedom to share them with others who were not fortunate enough to be there to see it for themselves. My goal in taking photos for myself and for others is to capture the personality of whomever I am shooting. I want the pictures I take to make people smile when they look at them.

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